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Æthelthryth – what a great name!!

Long time no blog…again!  Sorry for the absence – I’ve been busily marking exam papers for GCSE students around the country and have been focused on that for a few weeks. So I thought I’d launch back into the blogging … Continue reading

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Chanting, chanting, chanting…

Christian chant goes back to the very earliest Christian communities and even further, to the Psalms themselves which traditionally were sung rather than read.  Today I’ve written a few chants which I am hoping to use at some point in … Continue reading

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‘Leave me alone with God as much as may be…’

This prayer by Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne is one which often plays on my mind.  He is a saint renowned for ‘cultivating peace and love, purity and humility’, and that opening line is definite food for thought. I have lived … Continue reading

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