I am a Christian singer based just outside Bath in the south-west of England.  I have been singing for as long as I can remember – apparently I used to ask my teacher if I could sing for the class at the end of the day when I was about 5!  I don’t remember this but rely on my mum its truthfulness!

I visited a place called Taizé when I was 17 – a Christian community in the south of France. I hadn’t identified myself as a Christian until this point for many reasons – I hadn’t been brought up to be religious, I found the limitations on God very difficult as represented by the differences in Christian denominations, and I hadn’t experienced God.  Then I went to Taizé, where I experienced what I could call ‘Church’ for the first time.  The community there is made up of monks from every denomination.  They worship together, chanting simple songs to God and meeting with God in periods of silence during services and throughout their day.  They welcome people to stay with them and share in their worship, and I was completely changed by my visit.

I felt a calling to start to sing songs to celebrate the Lord – chants and hymns – to help people to connect with God in the way that I had first connected: through music.  I have recorded some well-known hymns which have been so well received, and I’ve recorded some chants, too.  I’ve written several songs, some of which have made it onto CD, and I’ve been touched in so many ways by the kindness of people who have received my music.

It is a real honour to share the peace of the Lord with so many and in such a beautiful way.

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